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"“Peter would probably throw a party if I stopped breathing.'
'Well,' he says, 'I would only go if there was cake.”-"

Divergent by Veronica Roth 

Divergent  - Veronica Roth

4+6= <3

This book is just…

16-year-old Beatrice lives in a society that has been divided into five factions. Now it is hers and the rest of her classmates to take a test that is supposed to help with the decision of whether they should stay in the faction they were born in or move to a completely different one. After Beatrice’s test results come back unusual, she has to decide herself about which faction she wants to spend the rest of her life. The Amity and be forever peaceful, Abnegation and carry on her selfless life, the Erudite to the intelligent, the Cando the honest, or the Dauntless to the brave.

I think if I were in the same position I would want to mix in some Amity and some Dauntless mostly for the tattoos and piercings. But then again it’s hard for me to choose which chocolate bar to eat first so I don’t think I would make the right decision.

I still cannot get over how much I loved this book. From the style of the writing to the characters, to the action and back to the characters. Did I mention I love Four? No. Well I do! Where can I get one?! Tris is an amazing female character. She is weak and unsure of herself and then becomes this amazing fighting machine that’s still scared at times but hides it really well. I just love the way that she transforms and that I get to be there to see it happen. I’m not too keen on characters that are just born amazing. What’s the fun in that? I knew straight away from the very first time Tris met Four that there would be something between them. I just love their relationship!

Seriously this is the best quote the summarise their relationship

“Fine. You’re not pretty. So?” He kisses my cheek.

Not to mention what this bit of the book did to me-“I might be in love with you." He smiles a little. "I'm waiting until I'm sure to tell you, though.” I wanted to sit in a corner and just turn into mush; that’s how much I love this quote!!!

Veronica delivers this amazing new world that takes you by your hands and pulls you in from the very first chapter. I’m mesmerised by the precision of her book. I even tried to find some faults in the book; like Tris being Divergent and that not really being explained but then bam, it’s explained very well. Or some faults with their plans or even the way some characters spoke but still I haven’t found anything. This book made me tear up, cringe badly, laugh out loud, smile at stupid moments and my heart race when there was any action.

“Peter would probably throw a party if I stopped breathing.'

'Well,' he says, 'I would only go if there was cake.”- have I proved that this book is pretty much more than amazing?! That I want to give away everything just so I can erase my love for the book so I can read it again and be able to fall in love with it all over again? 

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A room without books
A room without books
Broken Soup - Jenny Valentine

Jenny Valentine tells a sad, realistic story of a teenage girl who had to grow up fast. Rowan was forced to grow up within a couple of weeks after her older brother Jack suddenly dies on a trip leaving her family in bits. The book focuses on the struggles of Rowan trying to look after her 5-6 year old sister Storma, dealing with her mother who cannot get over the death of her son and on top of that, she has to lie to her dad about everything that is happening in the house. So a not so happy themed book. However even with the dark theme and the depressing bits, the story is heart-warming and charming (obviously not the depressing and horrible bits), I absolutely love this quote

 “I smiled back and I thought how incredible that was, that they would find the time to smile. There was goodness in the world still, even if you couldn’t always see it.” It sums up the book and the feelings behind it. I was expecting the book to break my heart, to make me sick with feelings and cry my eyes out but I smiled and laughed and even gasped when I read the book because as sad as the story is there was still a lot of things that were really happy and really joyful.

With looking after Storma, Rowan literally has no social life. Until a boy (a cute boy) hands her a negative for a picture and assures her that it belongs to her. Even though Rowan is positive it doesn’t. I absolutely love this part. The negative of the picture, the mystery behind it, not knowing what it is or whom it belonged to. It was great.

The characters in this book put a positive spin on Rowan’s life. I love that about this book. Rowan is so caring and loving that she is the mother figure for her sister even though it must have been horrible and hard for her to adjust. Bee brings a funny side with her almost bubbly personality, Storma is just adorable, sweet and funny; she nearly made me cry when I was reading her letters to her dead brother and Harper helps Rowan get some of her life that disappeared along with her brother.  

The fact that the book was set in England made me happy. It was so much easier for me to relate to it, however after reading so many books based in America it was weird getting used to it. But once I did I was excited.

The book is such a fast read that I finished it within a couple of hours. It seemed so short, it felt like I turned the page and it was over. I am so glad I read this book. The only reason why I’m not “in love” with this book is only because the story was predictable in an unpredictable way. I could kinda guess what might happen and sometimes I was right or just about right but I still liked the little twists. I never saw the last twist however. That shocked me.  

When I try to read she pops up...
When I try to read she pops up...
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Mockingjay  - Suzanne  Collins

I’m broken. Seriously Suzanne Collins has broken me with her beautiful writing and her amazing story telling abilities. The whole world that she created within the three books is amazing. I cannot even form words to explain just how much I love this book. This last book is by far my favourite! I was numb at the very end.  

I’m used to characters dying from the very first chapter in the first book. So I never got close to most of the characters apart from the ones that I thought Suzanne can’t kill, I was so wrong. So very wrong. Like why. Don’t give me some hope and then take it away from me L

I don’t like books with a ton of action mostly because a lot of authors screw up the simpleness of  describing exactly what’s going on and over write it which sucks a lot because it confuses a lot of readers (mostly me) but the hunger games was written and described beautifully. I could picture myself looking over Katniss’s shoulder seeing exactly what she was seeing and knowing exactly where was happening and I was so happy that the writing was simple and not over thought.

The love triangle was quite annoying. Only because I’m team Peeta forever but at the same time Gale is just so yum and so great and bless him why does he have to be rejected?! This is the problem with love triangles being used in books. I hate the fact that one guy who seems as perfect as the other has to be by himself or gets heart broken, it’s just not fair! I wish Gale stayed the best friend and Katniss and him never got closer than that.

The whole rebellion was brilliant. I loved every part of it. Okay not every part… But I was still on my tiptoes about what was to happen next. The entire time from starting the first book I was on tiptoes worrying about what would happen next! It broke my heart when Peeta was finally rescued and everything was meant to be okay but he was brainwashed. Katniss pretty much admitted to herself that she had feelings for him and this could have been their beginning but instead she finds that every memory that Peeta has of them has been turned bad. He thinks of her as the bad guy, as the Capitols mutt, as the person that’s responsible for every death. Not only that he tries to kill her. I could not believe it. I was shattered. I felt so bad for Katniss! Not only was she feeling guilty of all the events that have happened and all the lives that have been lost, and there Peeta was the guy who was meant to be in love with her. Meant to be the nicest person, the person that made her feel better after a nightmare trying to kill her and blaming her for everything that has happened. As much as I hated this part, it was done amazingly. The whole journey of trying to restore the memories damaged by Snow was astonishing.

Compared to the first two books the beginning was somewhat slow. I guess the missing presence of Peeta and district 12 was making everything seem slow. However the ending! Oh my. I’m still not over everything that has happened. I just can’t deal with everything that’s happened.  

I’m rumbling so much and I’m sorry but seriously my brain just can’t cope… I cannot wait for the rest of the movies to come out and see exactly how it was done!

Mockingjay  - Suzanne  Collins
""If we burn you burn with us""
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Tessa Gray Quote

What book has changed you?


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My little kitty stealing my book
My little kitty stealing my book
Aberrant - Ruth  Silver

This book takes place in the future after the third and fourth wars where the government runs everything. And when I say everything I mean everything from food to the houses to the jobs that everyone does, they even decide who you marry. At the very start of the book I kinda agreed with the government controlling everything it gave equality to everyone and no one was different I even kinda liked the idea of the marriage thing, they chose you a spouse and off you go. But then I started to think about it more and I would hate it so just scratch that part of me being weird before.

I loved this book. It stands out, it’s different, it’s new and I haven’t come across anything like this. I’m so glad I got the chance to read this book.

There’s a hint of the Hunger Games and a sprinkle of Wither at the very start with the marriages and the world being broken. This book is great the story is well written without any loopholes, it’s fast paced and so easy to pick up that I felt like I was there myself being sucked into the story, not to mention the never ending surprises that Ruth cleverly placed throughout the book.

More to the story- Olivia and Josh are the best of friends and everything is great they even get picked together to get married (yay for them). Might not seem like a massive deal but the fact that they had no choice after they turn 18 and have to marry someone that the government picks out for them is not something that anyone would be happy about. But their happiness of not having to be married to a complete stranger and pretending to get along with them is short lived after Olivia is arrested for being born. No seriously, that was the reason for her arrest. Women can’t conceive naturally and their babies have to be made in a lab (that must suck) however Olivia was a little miracle and was conceived after her parents did the do. Therefore Olivia and Josh had to flee the city of Genesis.

Okay so I will stop talking about the plot now because as much as I want to yell at everyone to go and read this amazing book I can’t because apparently that’s not what people like. Who knew. The plot is really amazing and I cannot wait for the next book. This is one hell of a book and if the next book won’t be as good as the first I will cry.

But seriously… go check this book out.  

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