Aberrant - Ruth  Silver

This book takes place in the future after the third and fourth wars where the government runs everything. And when I say everything I mean everything from food to the houses to the jobs that everyone does, they even decide who you marry. At the very start of the book I kinda agreed with the government controlling everything it gave equality to everyone and no one was different I even kinda liked the idea of the marriage thing, they chose you a spouse and off you go. But then I started to think about it more and I would hate it so just scratch that part of me being weird before.

I loved this book. It stands out, it’s different, it’s new and I haven’t come across anything like this. I’m so glad I got the chance to read this book.

There’s a hint of the Hunger Games and a sprinkle of Wither at the very start with the marriages and the world being broken. This book is great the story is well written without any loopholes, it’s fast paced and so easy to pick up that I felt like I was there myself being sucked into the story, not to mention the never ending surprises that Ruth cleverly placed throughout the book.

More to the story- Olivia and Josh are the best of friends and everything is great they even get picked together to get married (yay for them). Might not seem like a massive deal but the fact that they had no choice after they turn 18 and have to marry someone that the government picks out for them is not something that anyone would be happy about. But their happiness of not having to be married to a complete stranger and pretending to get along with them is short lived after Olivia is arrested for being born. No seriously, that was the reason for her arrest. Women can’t conceive naturally and their babies have to be made in a lab (that must suck) however Olivia was a little miracle and was conceived after her parents did the do. Therefore Olivia and Josh had to flee the city of Genesis.

Okay so I will stop talking about the plot now because as much as I want to yell at everyone to go and read this amazing book I can’t because apparently that’s not what people like. Who knew. The plot is really amazing and I cannot wait for the next book. This is one hell of a book and if the next book won’t be as good as the first I will cry.

But seriously… go check this book out.