Divergent  - Veronica Roth

4+6= <3

This book is just…

16-year-old Beatrice lives in a society that has been divided into five factions. Now it is hers and the rest of her classmates to take a test that is supposed to help with the decision of whether they should stay in the faction they were born in or move to a completely different one. After Beatrice’s test results come back unusual, she has to decide herself about which faction she wants to spend the rest of her life. The Amity and be forever peaceful, Abnegation and carry on her selfless life, the Erudite to the intelligent, the Cando the honest, or the Dauntless to the brave.

I think if I were in the same position I would want to mix in some Amity and some Dauntless mostly for the tattoos and piercings. But then again it’s hard for me to choose which chocolate bar to eat first so I don’t think I would make the right decision.

I still cannot get over how much I loved this book. From the style of the writing to the characters, to the action and back to the characters. Did I mention I love Four? No. Well I do! Where can I get one?! Tris is an amazing female character. She is weak and unsure of herself and then becomes this amazing fighting machine that’s still scared at times but hides it really well. I just love the way that she transforms and that I get to be there to see it happen. I’m not too keen on characters that are just born amazing. What’s the fun in that? I knew straight away from the very first time Tris met Four that there would be something between them. I just love their relationship!

Seriously this is the best quote the summarise their relationship

“Fine. You’re not pretty. So?” He kisses my cheek.

Not to mention what this bit of the book did to me-“I might be in love with you." He smiles a little. "I'm waiting until I'm sure to tell you, though.” I wanted to sit in a corner and just turn into mush; that’s how much I love this quote!!!

Veronica delivers this amazing new world that takes you by your hands and pulls you in from the very first chapter. I’m mesmerised by the precision of her book. I even tried to find some faults in the book; like Tris being Divergent and that not really being explained but then bam, it’s explained very well. Or some faults with their plans or even the way some characters spoke but still I haven’t found anything. This book made me tear up, cringe badly, laugh out loud, smile at stupid moments and my heart race when there was any action.

“Peter would probably throw a party if I stopped breathing.'

'Well,' he says, 'I would only go if there was cake.”- have I proved that this book is pretty much more than amazing?! That I want to give away everything just so I can erase my love for the book so I can read it again and be able to fall in love with it all over again?